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We too can do the job and do the job well.

This website is geared to encourage and uplift women in law enforcement as well as to recruit women to the law enforcement profession. 

Through clothing, blogging, and podcasts, our goal is to remind women of how important their role is in law enforcement. 

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       Raised in one of the city’s most challenging zip codes (53206), I defied the odds and at the age of 18, she joined the Milwaukee Police Department. Sheronda became a police officer at the age of 21 and patrolled the city’s northwest side with professionalism and fearlessness.

As a police officer, Sheronda became a state-certified law enforcement instructor, a field training officer, specialized in undercover operations and at one point was the sole recruiting officer for the entire Milwaukee Police Department.

In January 2014, Sheronda was promoted to the rank of police sergeant and ranked number five out of two hundred and forty-four police sergeant applicants. Due to her work ethic, she has been selected to work in various divisions throughout the police agency. Currently, Sheronda is a 17-year veteran of the department and is assigned to the Milwaukee Police Academy as an instructor and training coordinator. 

As a previous president of the League of Martin, Sheronda developed and administered free educational seminars designed to educate residents on what to do when stopped by police and robbery prevention.  Sheronda has also prepared several individuals for careers in law enforcement by administering more than 400 mock written examinations and interviews. 

Although several recruits and police aides who attended her educational seminars over the course of several years, graduated from the Milwaukee Police Department; in 2016, nine of the approximate eighteen police aides hired by the Milwaukee Police Department, attended League of Martin exam tutorials. In 2017, nine police recruits who attended League of Martin exam tutorials graduated the Milwaukee Police Academy and are currently Milwaukee police officers.

Sheronda has inspired several officers to promote within the agency and has assisted them in their endeavors. She volunteered countless hours of her time teaching them how to prepare for both the written and interview process. As a result, multiple officers have either become detectives or sergeants for the Milwaukee Police Department.

Sheronda completed her undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and her graduate degree in Organizational Leadership and Quality.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time and traveling with her husband, reading and staying fit. 

Sheronda’s goal is to continue ascending the ranks of the Milwaukee Police Department and to advocate for the community she took an oath to protect and serve.           

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